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Notice of Intent to Vacate Apartment

Use this form to fulfil your obligation to give us written notice that you will be moving. A 30-day notice is required per the Lease Agreement.  You may, of course, move any time you wish however, you are responsible for paying for the period of 30 days after submitting your notice to move.

The date your keys are returned is the date we note your apartment vacated.  You will owe for through that day, or through the 30th day after your notice is given: whichever is greater.

Please remember to 1) return the key(s) on the date you vacate, and 2) give us your forwarding address for the sending of your Security Deposit Disposition.

If your situation changes, and you wish to extend or retract this notice to move, we are happy to do so; just let us know.

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I/we, above named Tenant(s) hereby give notice of my/our intent to vacate the above apartment, and terminate my/our tanancy. I/we will move out and return the keys to the leasing office on or before * (insert date).

After you click the Submit button below, a printable version of this form and your submission will be displayed.  Save it to your computer or print it for your records.

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